Taking the plunge

Approximately eight weeks ago, I bought a house.  It’s an older home (built in 1925) and is in much need of time, money and attention.  I’ve wanted to buy a house for quite some time so I was quite glad to find this place.  In the coming year I hope to fully update the house and bring it into the modern world.  This blog will be the story of that journey.  I intend to recount the many adventures, pitfalls, financial costs, and anything else that goes into or comes out of this process.

At any given time this blog will hopefully be no more than 10 weeks behind real time.  I’d like to catch it up to real time but having a rather hectic schedule we shall see if that proves feasible.  I hope you enjoy reading about this journey and I would love to hear any advice, stories or encouragement that you may have to share.  Cheers!

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