Adventures in Renovation

Owning a house built in 1925 involves a lot of work. Especially when there are two houses. The main house and a guest cottage. Follow my progress and learn new skills for your own projects.

How to paint a room

At one time I ran my own painting business.  It was a small gig, just me, the paint, the tools and the customers home.  At the time it helped supplement my income as I was working for a low paying (but awesome) non-profit organization.  I did this for about two years and learned a lot about painting.  Things that I… Read more →

Refinishing hardwood floors

After purchasing my home the very first thing I tackled was refinishing the hardwood floors.  This is an old house after all, and there were actually trails worn into the finish showing the most commonly traveled paths.  I did this project before moving in because it is infinitely easier in an empty house than one full of furniture.  What follows is… Read more →

Prioritizing projects

It’s always difficult to decide where to begin.  You’ve just bought this new home (new to you anyway) and there seem to be a million and one projects that need doing.  Do I refinish the floors first or paint the walls?  Should I build that new shelving space in the living room before or after I put in the new… Read more →

Perilous Poison Ivy

Contrary to the assertion in my first post that I would be detailing my adventures in sequential order, none shall be in order. Nor shall they be as timely as I hoped. It turns out, owning a home consumes vast amounts of time without making you feel like you have achieved very much for your efforts. However, a little over… Read more →